Stewardship and WUU

Each year we project our programs and financial requirements for the coming fiscal year.  We ask our collective membership to pledge a combined amount that represents a substantial portion of our annual budget.  But why do we continue to get the strong support of our congregation as witnessed by our recent experience?

They have a:

  • Strong belief in our mission,
  • High regard for our staff and leadership, and
  • The knowledge that we are fiscally sound

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Recent Experiences

Results of the 2016-2017 Stewardship Drive

Our campaign goal was $312,000, which we exceeded. The stewardship drive was completed in about six weeks, kicking off on Sunday, Feb. 14, and ending the last week of March. Of the 181 households that pledged, the average increase from the previous year was 6 percent. Pledges were received from 13 households that had not pledged before. Twenty-two families with children in RE pledged this year, five of whom had not pledged before.

Capital Campaign

Our Capital Campaign was launched in 2014 with a targeted goal of $1.0 M and a stretch of $1.2 M.  We exceeded both of those goals by receiving over $1.4M from our generous membership.

2017 is the final year of our four-year Capital Campaign.

2017-2018 Stewardship Drive

Our target for the coming fiscal year is $318k.  This number took into consideration the fact that several of our members are no longer with us.  At the same time, with the completion of the Capital Campaign, we expect that some households will be able to increase their pledges from prior years.  Starting from a lower base, we have assumed an average increase of 6% again this year.

Our Goal

We Strive to Achieve 100% Participation