“Black Lives Matter” Ferguson Protest

On November 25, WUU responded to the grand jury Ferguson verdict by joining over 100 people in marching from the College of William and Mary bookstore to the Wren building. We were led by graduate student Travis Terrell Harris to speak out against a flawed legal system that is built on white privilege and racial bias.

“As Thanksgiving Day approaches, I thank God for many people and things. Among these is the beautiful gathering of peace-loving people brought together last evening by you Travis T. Harris in commemoration of the death of Michael Brown, and in protest of the unjust finding of the Ferguson Grand Jury. The protest last evening was sad, but inspiring. Sad for obvious reasons, but inspiring because many people of different ages, colors, gender, religious affiliation and community groups cared enough to gather at Merchants Square to speak out, to console each other and to pledge to go forth together to prevent a Ferguson here in Williamsburg. Let’s follow John Whitley’s sentiment and reiteration of the Rev. William Barber’s words of: “ Forward Together. Not one Step back.” Also, let us accept Clarence Wilson’s invitation to work with the NAACP to organize and plan ways to address the conditions that brought rise to the killing of Michael Brown and to prevent the spread of such despicable actions throughout our country. Pat, I hope you can reach the young woman whose remarks last night disturbed you and some of the rest of us. She clearly could use your encouragement and support from others also. Rev. Shields, thank you for asking the important question, “Do we have diversity here in Williamsburg?” You left us with this and other important questions.

For these things– and the hope that we, by working together, can make a difference in the near future– I give thanks.”

Vivian Bland