Circle Dinners

Circle Dinners are dinner parties of WUU friends and acquaintances of all ages, single or with partners, who gather for small potlucks. Those wishing to form family dinner circles are urged to sign up as well!
Circle dinners are is a great way to meet newcomers and old timers! Circles are organized each fall, but new members can be added at any time. Most circles meet together in each others’ homes for a potluck dinner, but each year one or two circles organize to meet in restaurants for lunch or dinner. The committee will ask one person to be the first host for their circle. From then on, the circle arranges the date, time, and place for the rest of the dinners. The dinners are designed so that they rotate between homes. Usually the host supplies the main dish and the other members the rest of the food and drink for the evening. Circles stay together for the church year, but reorganize with new members each fall so everyone can meet more people. Look for signup sheets in the Gathering Hall or sign up below.
If your home is too small, you can use the church for your turn at dinner. Check the calendar with the office and reserve space. If you don’t have enough chairs, the WUU folding chairs can be borrowed. We hope to see even more participants this year.

Circle Dinner Signup