Committee for Right Relations Confidentiality Statement

The Committee for Right Relations (CRR) and everyone else involved in carrying out the Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists’ Covenant of Right Relations will protect the reputations, privacy, and confidential statements of anyone the CRR works with, except in situations in which the law requires disclosure (such as legally-required reporting of suspected abuse or neglect of a child or elder adult in WUU care). In addition, some information may be shared if it is necessary to protect the reputations of people who have been accused falsely. Finally, CRR members work as a team, so they routinely share all information with each other as part of their work. By asking the CRR for advice or other types of help, the person making the request understands and agrees to waive all claims against, and hold harmless from liability, the WUU, the CRR, and the CRR’s members for any results of an inadvertent breach of confidentiality, or for other actions taken in good faith by CRR members.