Covenant Groups

Covenant Groups at WUU

“Each of brings a separate truth here,
We bring the truth of our life, our own story….
We all bring our truth with us.
May we recognize the truth and the story in everyone’s life.
And may we hear and honor the truths that we all bring as
we gather together…
Together we have truths.
Together we have a story.
Together we are a community.”–
Adapted from Penny Hackett-Evans

We warmly invite you to participate in Covenant Group Ministry at WUU.  Recognizing the Unitarian Universalist call to minister to each other and to the world.  Covenant Groups provide a unique opportunity to engage in this spiritual practice.  The intimacy of these spiritual groups enriches the participants’ lives with greater depth of meaning.  Covenant Group practice compliments worship, creating a space for people to share personally about their lives.

What are Covenant Group Ministries?

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Covenant Group Ministries are small groups (8-10) people that meet twice a month for two hours from January through June.  Each group creates a covenant,  a way they intend to be together that includes a commitment to a service project to be done some time during the year.  The format of the meetings helps participants set aside daily distractions, reflect on their lives and beliefs, and make meaningful connections with one another.  Through sharing of their stories, members leave each meeting with a deeper understanding of themselves and of each other.  Each Covenant Group becomes a small, personal community of listening and caring in the midst of the congregation.

What do WUU Members say about their Covenant Group Experience?
All of these are anonymous responses from previous covenant group participants.

“I bonded with the other members of my diverse group in a way I never expected.”

“I always looked forward to our meetings because it was such a peaceful experience. Our group got along so well and everyone was so supportive of each other, it was just a joy to be there. I got to know people I had never met and probably would not have met otherwise. It also allowed me to carve out specific time for getting in touch with some of the deeper aspects of myself and sharing them with others.”

“I love seeing the members of my group at church…It’s like having a special window into people I wouldn’t have otherwise met.”

“I know more people on an intimate level”

Why have Covenant Group Ministries in our congregation?

Through Covenant Group Ministry we hope to deepen our commitment to and care for one another, join together on our spiritual journeys, and be prompted to express, in a more consistent way, our principles and values in the community.

Why Join a Covenant Group?

  • Participate in a supportive, nurturing group setting that facilitates spiritual growth and mutual caring.
  • Transformation of self and others by truly being seen and heard; a witnessing to the stories of our lives.
  • Grow at your own pace and in your own way through authentic speaking, deep listening, reflecting and serving.
  • Explore your own values by articulating them in a supportive setting.
  • Develop friendship with interesting people you might otherwise never get to know.

What are the elements of Covenant Group Ministry?

Small groups of 8-10 members meet twice a month in a member’s home or at the church. All groups have trained facilitators and use a common format that includes the lighting of a chalice, opening and closing readings, personal sharing and discussion of topics selected by the group.  Each group will draw up a covenant concerning how they will relate to each other and how they will serve the congregation. Groups are always open to new members.

Who are the facilitators?

The facilitators are volunteers who agree to help the small group create the sacred space of acceptance and respect for all members.  The facilitator guides the group in developing covenants and honoring those commitments.  A standard format is used for all group meetings and the facilitator assists the group in following the process.

Covenant Group Facilitator Resources

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