Equal Exchange

The small farmers who grow our coffee often struggle just to make a simple living. Most live in rural communities in some of the poorest countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Isolated from markets, they are forced to accept low prices. Without affordable credit, they become trapped in a cycle of debt. Many lack access to adequate housing, healthcare and education.

But there is an alternative: Fair Trade. In partnership with congregations and faith-based organizations Equal Exchange’s Interfaith Program is a bridge between these communities and our own. By paying a fair price, working with democratic cooperatives, offering affordable credit and supporting sustainable agriculture, Equal Exchange helps farmers to build better lives for themselves and their families. Equal Exchange works in partnership with faith-based relief, development and human rights organizations to help communities of faith learn about and promote Fair Trade.

For more information see the Equal Exchange website http://www.equalexchange.com/interfaith-program

The Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists church supports this cause, and offers Fair Trade products approximately twice monthly. Coffees for sale include drip grind and whole bean, regular and decaf varieties, and come in a choice of approximately 12 flavors; chocolate bars are available in six different flavors, with the cacao content percentages listed on the front of each label. The congregation enthusiastically embraces this social justice program, and everyone benefits !