Planning an Event at WUU

Event Planning Information and Checklist

The following information is provided to help you plan an event at Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists. Check the Facilities Use Policy for detailed information about procedures, expectations, and responsibilities.

General Notes:

  • Check the Online Calendar first before planning any event or meeting.
  • If you need building access details, you will need to make arrangements with the office.

After you have checked the calendar and are ready to make your plans, please send an email to office with the following information:

Event Name

Sponsoring Committee or Organization

Chairperson for Event

Contact Information for Chairperson

Event Date, Start Time, and End Time

Space You Would Like To Use:

  • Sanctuary
  • Multipurpose Room
  • Fahs House
  • Parker House
  • Other

Will child care be needed?  If so, you must request child care AT LEAST TEN DAYS IN ADVANCE and specify the committee which will be assuming responsibility for their payment.

Arranging for Publicity

If your group is affiliated with the Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists, you can send an email to communications at wuu dot org to request publicity for your event.  Please indicate in which publication you wish your announcement to appear:

  • The Spiral
  • The Website
  • The Newsletter (submit article by the 20th day of the previous month) The newsletter email is newsletter at wuu dot org.
  • External Publicity

NOTE: Information and submission guidelines for each can be found here.

The following information might be useful for you to consider as you plan your event:

  • Do you need to make special arrangements for seating? (volunteer(s) needed?)
  • Will the kitchen be needed? (volunteer(s) needed for cleanup!)
  • Do you need volunteer food/drink donors?
  • Do you need people to set up (volunteer(s) needed?)
  • Do you need people to break down/clean up? (volunteer(s) needed)
  • Do you need special supplies/materials? If so, what?_________________________

Responsibility for Clean Up/Lock Up

It is important that you leave the space the way you found it. Please consider the following:

Who is responsible for checking the facility to see that the following is done?

  • Coffee pot is unplugged and cleaned.
  • Tables are put away and chairs are returned to Sunday configuration.
  • Lights are off.
  • Trash disposed.
  • Floors are free of debris and kitchen is wet mopped if needed.
  • Building is locked.

Facilities Use Policy

This document serves to establish the official policy governing the use of Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists (WUU) property and facilities. These facilities are intended for use primarily for functions of the WUU. WUU recognizes, however, that its ministry to its members and to the community-at-large is enhanced through a use of its facilities. Accordingly, the use of WUU facilities by other religious, charitable, cultural, educational and character-building organizations – as well as by individuals – is permitted, provided such use does not interfere with normal operations or violate WUU values. This document sets forth the policies, procedures, responsibilities and terms of agreement relating to the use of WUU property and facilities.

Review the Policy: Facilities Use Policy: Updated 4/28/2008 (pdf)