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Green Sanctuary Manual Sept 2009Congregations Working Together to Restore Earth and Renew Spirit

Unitarian Universalists have historically held deep convictions regarding social justice. We understand that caring for the Earth and all of its inhabitants is a critical ingredient in building true justice. Many UUs find relationship with the Earth a core element in our spiritual quest. Many UU leaders acknowledge that environmental awareness and action are a responsibility for individual people of faith, and for the congregations in which we are members.

The Green Sanctuary Program invites congregations to:

  1. Build awareness of the significance and complexity of environmental issues
  2. Encourage personal lifestyle changes
  3. Engage in community action on environmental issues
  4. Strengthen the connection between spiritual practice and Earth consciousness
  5. Work to heal environmental injustices

The Vision Question – What would our religious community look like if we had a fundamental commitment to living in harmony with the Earth?

Our vision for Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists is that this be a place where each individual considers his environmental impact in every action. A collective awareness is reflected in church policy and in every area of congregational life. We are empowered by a commitment to environmental justice. We envision a congregation whose every decision comes from an understanding of our spiritual connection with the Earth and all living things. We demonstrate this understanding through worship and celebration, religious education, environmental justice and sustainable living. As we travel this journey, we will in turn grow deeper spiritual connections with each other, in our congregation and in the wider community.

Our vision will be demonstrated in the four focus areas:

  • Worship and Celebration
  • Lifespan Faith Development
  • Environmental Justice
  • Sustainable Living

What’s involved in getting to the future we want?

  • Assess our current situation
  • Decide what actions will get us closer to the vision and create an action plan to get there
  • Identify tools, strategies, resources, and leadership needed to accomplish the actions
  • Implement the action plan
  • Evaluate accomplishments

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