Guest at Your Table 2014

Everybody squeeze over a little! There’s plenty of room at your table for one more guest. Of course there is, and you are ready with your box, right? Austen is working with the RE kids to create boxes, but if you don’t have anyone in RE right now, not to worry. You can create a box, or a jar, or a bowl. The point is: everyone needs a place on the table to put money to feed the Guest at Your Table, an annual fundraising and education program that supports UUSC’s human rights work. For forty years, GAYT has been the practical expression of our collective belief in human rights, beginning with the right to food.

As you sit down to a meal – doesn’t matter, breakfast, lunch, or dinner – think about the food you will share with her or him. Can you spare enough extra for a hungry guest? Picture in your mind milk for a little child, meat for a father, vegetables the woman has no way to provide for her family. During the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas, offer something at every meal for the guest you are privileged to host. For many years, I have become too accustomed to this annual effort, finally descending into a somewhat mindless check?writing exercise at the end of the fund drive. Not this year. When I watch world news every day, I know I must pay attention. I must care enough to share what I have, little or much, for that is the only path to peace. In summary, this is the proposed schedule:

  • Put box or jar or bowl on your dining table on or about November 2nd
  • Bring your collected donation to church November 30th
  • You can choose to bring it as it is, put it in a sturdy envelope or convert it to a check made payable to WUU.
  • All donations will be combined and sent by Suzanne, our Financial assistant, to UUSC in a single check.

Guest at Your Table is an annual fundraising and education program that supports UUSC’s human rights work. We invite everyone to take part: individuals, families, small groups, congregations, and community organizations. This year marks Guest at Your Table’s 40th anniversary! Over the decades, Guest at Your Table has raised millions of dollars for human rights projects that have made a real difference in people’s lives.

This year’s Guest at Your Table theme is food sustainability: ensuring that people have sufficient, affordable, healthy, and culturally appropriate food to eat and that it’s produced in a way that doesn’t damage the environment. Our educational materials highlight projects in Haiti, Kenya, and Honduras that illustrate how sustainability initiatives, when done well, have multiple benefits. Our Stories of Hope highlight economic justice, educational opportunities for children, community responses to climate change, and other advancements for human rights.
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