Lay Leadership Education Development Team

The mission of the Lay Leadership Education Development Team (Lay LED Team) is to recognize and develop religious leadership at all levels of congregational life and to facilitate participation in the wider UU world community.

The Lay LED Team offers workshops in religious leadership to assist new, returning, and potential committee/cluster chairs and members, board members, and others who are called to do the work of the church. The Lay LED team also maintains a calendar of religious leadership training opportunities in the larger UU community and provides online resources to assist WUU leaders. WUUs are provided ample opportunities to learn about doing the work of the church–through the new member orientation classes, during committee sign-ups on Sunday mornings in the spring, and by contacting the minister, membership chair, committee chair, or Lay LED Team.

Members of the Lay LED Team are Peter Mellette, Chair; Dick Calver, Sally Fisk, Natalie Miller-Moore, and Nan Piland.


Peter Mellette, Chair

Sally Fisk

Natalie Miller-Moore

Dick Calver

Nan Piland