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Welcome to Religious Education at Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists!

The Youth Religious Education program at WUU serves infants through high school youth. We aim to create a safe, welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that provides meaningful and fun programs. For more information, please see class descriptions below. You can also contact the Director of Religious Education, Austen Petersen, at austen@wuu.org.

The Council on Religious Education for WUU Children and Youth (CREW) works with the Director of Religious Education (DRE) to develop policy and support for programming for pre-kindergarteners (children, age 4) through high school students.  Read the CREW charter here.


This Fall in Religious Education:

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What and how will we be learning?
The Lower Elementary (Pre-k – 3rd grade) group will be using a Unitarian Universalist curriculum called We Are Many, We Are OneThis practical and fun series encourages young children to learn how to play and work collaboratively as well as view nature as a source of gifts that needs our care.  Together we’ll celebrate the different religions and cultures of the world, and see congregations as places for making and caring about friends.  Fall classes will be held in Fahs House.

The Upper Elementary (4th and 5th grade) will be learning about U.U. Super Heroes, introducing stories of Unitarians, Universalists, and Unitarian Universalists who have acted with courage and wisdom in their attempts to live their lives fully and make the world a better place for others.  As U.U. educator Sophia Lyon Fahs said, “The function of church for both young and old is not to give us on Sunday certain religious kinds of experiences…[but] rather to teach us how to put religious and ethical qualities into all kinds of experiences.”  This curriculum aims to use many different learning styles to provide support for parents in this challenging and rewarding endeavor we call religious education.  Fall classes will be held in Fahs House.

The Middle School (6th, 7th, and 8th grade) group will be exploring Coming of Age.  This Unitarian Universalist program affirms many changes inherent in entering teenage years.  Children at the cusp of adopting a new identity, that of youth, are invited to participate in a program called Coming of Age. Participants explore theology, spirituality, history and other topics through discussion, drama, music, writing and art. Fall classes will be held in Parker House.

From time to time, Children’s Chapel, which offers an opportunity to experience spirituality through artistic expression, will be offered for youngsters who are enrolled in elementary and middle school classes.
The YRUU (9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade) group will be using a curriculum called Building BridgesWe use Building Bridges to explore world religions and to broaden our own depth of understanding of the human experience including spirituality, religious traditions, and personal experience.


We have a professionally led and coordinated nursery program to help keep the youngest children (infant through age 3) safe and engaged with age appropriate toys. To make use of this free service, please sign your child in to the nursery indicating your contact information, your child’s name, allergies and any pertinent information. The nursery is open in the summer from 9:45am to 11:30am.  In the fall we provide nursery care during our second service opening at 11:00am through 12:30pm.  The nursery is located in the Sanctuary Building.