Memorial Meditation Garden


  • To preserve, promote and administer the garden where WUU members may have their ashes placed.

Membership and Meetings:

  • The committee is comprised of volunteers.
  • The committee will choose a chairperson to serve for a term of one year.  The committee may select additional officers as necessary.
  • The committee will select and recommend to the WUU Board a WUU voting member to serve as Garden Secretary for a term of three years.
  • There is no limit to the number of terms that may be served by members and officers of the committee, or by the Garden Secretary.
  • The committee will meet at least semi-annually. Meetings will be open to attendance by WUU members.

Duties and Responsibilities – Memorial Meditation Garden Committee:

  • To inform and invite the congregation, on a continuing basis, to use the garden.
  • To assist in the design and enhancement of the garden (i.e., choosing plantings, fixtures, plaques).
  • To work with the Grounds Committee in maintaining the beauty and health of the garden.
  • To use garden funds as available and needed for replacement or substitution of plantings, garden fixtures, or other garden-related materials.

Duties and Responsibilities – Garden Secretary:

  • To serve as principal point of contact for those wishing to memorialize or be memorialized.
  • To receive from the WUU Administrator a record of each payment for a memorial plaque or donation to the garden.
  • To receive and record applications for memorials, and to maintain a register of both current and planned interments and memorial plaques.
  • To work with the families to design memorial pages in the Memory Book.
  • To maintain the Memorial Book.
  • To work with families and the Minister to organize memorial ceremonies as requested.
Memorial Meditation Garden Policy (pdf), Updated August 2009