Pledge Form 2015-2016



Members and friends of WUU make an annual pledge of support to help sustain our staff, facilities and programs. The WUU fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30, with a 12-month operating budget (expenses, outreach and reserves) that totals some $400,000, with 75-80% covered by our pledges. We continue to pay down the mortgage with an eye to future expansion in order to better meet our worship, fellowship and outreach needs.

Please plan to make a commitment of financial support for WUU. While we know that everyone’s capacity to give is not the same, everyone’s participation is very much needed and appreciated!

I/we want to support our commitment to WUU from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016, by pledging the following amounts:

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If you wish to use VANCO for automatic funds transfer—but have not set up your payment plan—follow the VANCO link shown below. If you would like to use (or continue to use) a credit card—we have changed our procedures. Also follow the VANCO link shown below.

If you are already using VANCO and wish to revise your account to reflect your new pledge, please contact WUU’s Financial Assistant for assistance since that procedure has also changed.

If you are presently using automatic funds transfer via your bank or another financial institution, please continue doing so!

Click Here to go to VANCO secure site

Those wishing to contribute stocks as pledge payments should please contact our Financial Assistant for details of how to do so.

Questions? Problems? Contact WUU’s Financial Assistant: