Sunday Morning Teams


Members of our Sunday Morning Teams welcome  fellow congregants and guests at the door, place hymnals on chairs in the sanctuary, hand out bulletins, take collection,  brew our famous coffee that reportedly has  Starbucks worried, and tidy the kitchen after the service.  There are a lot of diverse jobs that help contribute to our Sunday services.

New volunteers are always welcome.    You may pick the service (early or later), as well as the Sunday on which you’d like to help.  All it takes is for you to arrive half an hour before the service and/or stay afterward for about the same amount of time. The teams are very relaxed and you can pretty much pick what you‘d like to do.

There are substitutes available if you can’t make a Sunday.  All we ask is that you try it for six months, that’s just six services.  If you like it, we’d be very happy to have to stay on.  If you decide after six months that volunteering on a Sunday Morning Team isn’t for you, we’ll certainly understand.

Sunday Teams are a great way for new WUU members to get to know people in the congregation.  If, on the other hand you’ve been a member for a while, it’s a great way to see more of the people you already know.  For new and long standing members, it’s a GREAT way to help out.

The team leaders are:

  • FIRST SUNDAY – Linda Tang
  • SECOND SUNDAY – (Position Open)
  • THIRD SUNDAY – Sandra Stephan
  • FOURTH SUNDAY – Dave Neiman
  • FIFTH SUNDAY – Linda Tang

The total  group is just about forty team members; it’s a great cross section of our congregation.

You may also most welcome to join our substitutes list of folks who fill-in on occasion.

If have any questions,  except  about our secret coffee brewing recipe, please contact Linda Tang, Sunday Team Coordinator at a Sunday service, or email her at