Welcoming Congregation

In 2007, WUU completed the welcoming Congregations process and passed the following resolution:

Welcoming Congregations Resolution

Be it resolved that, on May 6, 2007, the Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists congregation declares its desire to be known as a Welcoming Congregation.

We continue a process of study and reflection on the historical role of religious doctrine and religious institutions in perpetuating prejudice and misunderstanding toward bisexual, gay, lesbian and transgender persons and have taken a series of steps to raise our awareness of b/g/l/t issues and to expand our own self-knowledge and understanding.

At this particular point in history, many religious individuals and institutions continue to openly express their intolerance of b/g/l/t persons and to support exclusionary and even violent behavior toward them. We wish to declare ourselves to be different: to be intentionally affirming and actively supportive of persons of all sexual/affectional orientations and gender identifications as they seek a spiritual haven to search for truth and meaning.

With the adoption of this resolution, we affirm that we wish to be recognized by the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Office of Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Concerns as a Welcoming Congregation.

We pledge to continue to follow the lead begun by our Welcoming Congregation Committee in learning and understanding the life issues for bisexual, gay, lesbian and/or transgender persons. Further, we pledge our congregation’s commitment to do its part to heal centuries of religious and societal based oppression and prejudice and to make our church a sanctuary of spiritual growth and welcome. We open our church home to all who wish to worship with us because they believe in our principles and purposes, and support our vision and mission.

Visit the UUA Welcoming Congregation Webpage for more information.