Witness for LOVE with us on Valentine’s Day!

POFEV_logoJames City County Courthouse

WUU “Witness for Love,” Friday, February 14, 12 noon at the Williamsburg-James City County Courthouse, 5201 Monticello

Organized by POFEV: People of Faith for Equality in Virginia is organizing a public witness for marriage equality at dozens of courthouses across Virginia.

These are celebrations of love with the intention of sharing a clear message: “We want all Virginians to be able to marry the person of their dreams, and we want it to happen now!”

Everyone’s help is needed: same-gender-loving couples seeking a marriage license or with a marriage certificate from another place to present asking for state recognition of their legal marriage, other LGBT and straight folks, young and old, religious or not, diverse in every possible way.

Here’s what will happen: folks gather outside, share a blessing, go into the courthouse, present applications and their desire for change, listen to the clerk politely refuse, thank them, tell them you’ll be back next year, go back outside, share any feelings and thoughts, repeat the vow to return next year, and learn how you can keep helping during the year, share a blessing, and disperse.

Contact Rev. Jennifer with any questions. (minister @ wuu.org)