About Our Leadership

All authority for governance of the WUU rests with the Congregation. The governance structure consists of a nine-member Board with its specific committees, the Minister who leads the Ministry Teams to carry out the daily work of the congregation, and four special committees of the congregation.   Board members are elected to set policy and strategic plans, care for resources, and monitor and evaluate the congregation’s work toward the WUU Mission.  In addition to the Board, the congregation elects the members of the four Committees of the Congregation: Trustees, Nominating Committee, Committee on Right Relations, and Endowment Committee (for Planned Giving).

The congregation meets annually in January or February for the purpose of electing Board members and members of congregational committees. In May or June, the congregation meets to receive end of fiscal year reports of the Minister, the Board’s out-going president, and the Treasurer who presents the upcoming fiscal year operating budget.  On occasion, special congregational meetings may be called to address specific issues.

The composition of the Leadership Team, and its relation to the Minister, the Board, and the Congregation is pictured in the organizational chart linked below.
Click Here for Organizational Chart