The Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is authorized by the Board. They put plans and programs into motion to achieve the outcomes set out by the Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists congregation.

Whereas the Board’s purpose is to articulate the goals that the congregation wants to achieve, set broad policies, and monitor adherence to those policies, the Leadership Team’s purpose is to create programs and strategies to achieve those policies.

In accordance with WUU bylaws, the Minister will maintain overall responsibility for the creation, supervision, and dissolution of the operating committees.

The Leadership Team includes:
1. Minister
2. Program Assistant
3. Director of Religious Education
4. Director of Music
5. Board Representative
6. Caring Ministry Chairperson
7. Membership Chairperson
8. Leadership Development Chairperson
9. Worship Team Leader
10. Campus Improvement Team Leader
11. Fundraising Team Coordinator
12. Social Justice Chairperson
13. CREW Team Leader (RE Council)