Building Our Future 2016 Teams

There are three primary Building our Future 2016 groups.

  • BOF Steering Committee: The Board created this committee in 2012 to guide our progress through the initial stages and to monitor the work of the teams through the completion of the project. The team also manages the publicity/communications for the project. Committee members:
      • Les Solomon (Chair), Allen Cooke, Roger Guernsey, Linda Lane-Hamilton, Dave Neiman, & Donna Stanford
      •  Ex-officio: James Kent (Finance), Reverend Jennifer Ryu, Lola Warren (Board)
  • BOF Design Build Team: The Steering Committee created this team in 2013 to work with the architect (Guernsey Tingle Architects)1 to create the master plan and determine how to phase the construction in order to prioritize these needs in line with our financial capacity to expand. The team also participated in the selection of the construction contractor, E.T. Gresham, and will continue to be the major conduit of information with both the architects and contractors through the completion of the project. Team members:
      • Roger Guernsey (Chair), Sally Fisk, Franz Gross, Nan Piland, Dave Neiman
      • Ex-officio: Les Solomon

1 Roger Guernsey is not affiliated with Guernsey Tingle Architects.

  • Financial Feasibility/Capital Campaign Team: The Steering Committee created this team in 2014 to work with UUA consultant Bill Clontz for the financial feasibility study and the design/implementation of the Capital Campaign. They recruited more than 40 visiting stewards to participate in the campaign. The Capital Campaign ($1.45M) together with the $0.8M mortgage brought the total to $2.25M. Team members:
      • Allen Cooke (chair), Dave Banks, Helen Hansen, Ruth Hopkinson, Linda Lane-Hamilton, Michael Luchs, Kerry Mellette
      • Ex-officio: Les Solomon

Additionally, the success of this project has required coordination with a range of other committees:

  • Board: Monitoring progress, planning Congregational meetings, etc.
  • Finance: Determining the financial implications of construction on the on-going mission of the congregation, managing the mortgage process for Phase 1, and negotiating the mortgage terms.
  • Trustees: Approving the legal documents.
  • Legal Assistance: Peter Mellette
  • Leadership: Planning for ministries in the new space
  • Congregation and friends: For insight, generosity, and patience.
  • WUU Staff: For their support, in addition to their regular responsibilities!