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Lola Warren, Board President
Finance Committee– Jim Kent, Chair
Personnel Committee Chair- Rachel Delbos
Stewardship Committee- Peter Mellette, Chair
Building Our Future Chair- Les Solomon
Nominating- Fred Gilbertson, Lead
Endowment Committee- Phoebe Kent, Chair
By-laws Committee– Roger Baldwin, Chair
Committee on Right Relations-David Hopkinson
Minister– Rev. Jennifer Ryu
Dave Banks– Treasurer
Program Assistant– Ellyn Stephens
Financial Assistant– Suzanne Huddleston
Director of Religious Education– Austen Petersen
Director of Music-Jamie Bartlett
Pianist– Dave Robbins
Nursery Care Coordinator- Elisabeth Berning
WALT Coordinator– Jill Whitten
Caring Ministry Team– Liz Snyder & Ellen Graham, co-chairs
Epicureans– Marion Wolfe
Membership Team–Catherine Laarhoven, Carolyn Wilson, & Carolyn Greathouse
Webmaster- Scott Varney
Denominational Relations- Cheryl & Michael Coirin
Auction– Catharine Laarhoven
Bed And Breakfast- Grace & Tom Mcardle
Yard Sale- Ruth Hopkinson
Campus Improvement Team– Les Solomon
Religious Education Team- Chris Faia
Worship Team- James Gerald
Music Team- Jane Ferguson
Audio/Visual Technicians- Jim Henion & John Trindle
Sunday Morning Teams- Linda Tang
Social Justice Council- Dave Wilcox, Chair
Walt Steering Committee- John Hochella, Chair