Here are the current Frequently Asked Questions (and answers). We will post the old Q&A’s in our Archive Section.

Question: When will construction start?

Answer: Once we have the sub-contractors selected and we receive final approval for permitting through JCC, work will begin on preparing the site for construction, sometime in September or early October. The goal is to have the new construction under a roof before the bad weather hits next winter. Check the Projected Construction and Occupancy Schedule for more detailed information.

Question: Will there be a ground-breaking ceremony?

Answer: Yes, Rev. Dave and the Board have scheduled this for September 20. We hope to make this a festive, memorable, multigenerational event.

Question: When will we know about which of the optional design features that were removed due to budgetary constraints will be decided?

Answer: Once we have the bids from the sub-contractors, we will be able to begin to figure out what we can add back into the plans, based upon hoped-for cost savings in the bidding process. Of course, we must be conservative in the selections because we do not know about unforeseen expenses that we might experience.

Question: What major decisions has the Design Build Team made in the last couple of months?


  • Instructed GTA that the Little Sanctuary would be constructed, thus saving about $9-10K in additional architectural/design costs.
  • Use top quality cedar shingles rather than a more modern surface on the new construction. Color to be decided later.
  • Continue with the plan to use skylights in the hallways and smaller classrooms to save energy, provide natural light, and improve aesthetics.
  • Use wooden interior doors with large windows in the administrative and RE/SJ space.
  • Reconfigured the landscaping between the sanctuary and RE/SJ rooms to provide for more room for events such as weddings, receptions, etc. in the garden area.
  • Included trees with up-lighting on the patio to the left of the sanctuary