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WUU is a Green Sanctuary.

We are looking for a new leader for the Green Sanctuary program. See program information below and contact the Social Justice Chair at sjchair@wuu.org if you are interested and for more information.

Our vision for Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists is that this be a place where each individual considers his environmental impact in every action. A collective awareness is reflected in church policy and in every area of congregational life. We are empowered by a commitment to environmental justice. We envision a congregation whose every decision comes from an understanding of our spiritual connection with the Earth and all living things. We demonstrate this understanding through worship and celebration, religious education, environmental justice and sustainable living. As we travel this journey, we will in turn grow deeper spiritual connections with each other, in our congregation and in the wider community.

The Green Sanctuary Program provides a path for congregational study and reflection, and a call to individual and collective actions in response to environmental challenges. This is a program of congregational action. It reflects UUA Principles, especially, the seventh—Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.

GS ApplicationIn June, 2010, we formally submitted our application to the UUA. The following 18 months of the candidacy process are documented in over 90 colorful photos along with a description of the 15 action projects undertaken by the GS Task Force and completed with strong support and involvement by this WUU congregation! It’s an amazing and impressive record. At the WUU annual meeting in February, a Green Sanctuary Resolution was passed unanimously, our Application for Green Sanctuary Accreditation was accepted by the UUA and WUU was formally certified as a Green Sanctuary in March 2012.

Our brochure has more information about all the projects we’re working on!

Check our Recycling Primer for information on what can be recycled locally and where.

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