Committee for Right Relations

WUU’s Committee for Right Relations (CRR) was established as a “committee of the congregation” on January 2008 at a congregational meeting.  The CRR has responsibility to assist any person associated with the Congregation in honoring WUU’s Covenant of Right Relations (CORR), which was adopted in May 2005. Our Covenant includes the statement that “We accept conflict in our community as inevitable and healthy. We are guided by the principle that properly managed conflict between people in right relations to each other can be a positive force for creativity, growth and enrichment.”

The Committee for Right Relations is available to any person associated with the congregation to offer guidance on communication and conflicts and to help mediate disputes as requested by participants.


David Hamilton, Chair

Rachel Delbos

Helen Hansen


Take time to read the Covenant, Charter, Confidentiality Statement and User Guide for guidance first.  You will find these documents below.  Then, if necessary, fill out a Petition to Engage the Committee for Right Relations.  You can submit the petition electronically on Survey Monkey using this link:  Petition to Engage the Committee for Right Relations You will find physical copies of the petition in the Narthex.  You may turn those completed forms in to the office.  Both methods will bring your issue to the whole committee.  A member from the committee will contact you shortly with a response or plan for follow up.  If you have any questions, you may email

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