Our Mission and Vision Statements

The mission of WUU is to serve:

  • Our members and friends by providing a welcoming, inclusive community to explore and encourage personal spiritual growth;
  • Greater Williamsburg by promoting religious, racial and social harmony;
  • Liberal religion by embodying Unitarian Universalist values within our congregation and in society at large;
  • The global community by participating in transformative action to achieve a sustainable and humane world.


  • Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists are a vibrant liberal religious community of the Williamsburg area, where we honor, support, and respect all, and where we treasure diversity.
  • We grow in spiritual transformation through faith development and worship; fully engage with each other and those with whom we work in local, UU, and global communities.
  • We work to effect justice in society and the environment. Ours is a welcoming campus with adequate space to carry out our mission. Wherever possible, we practice sustainable and green technology.

(*Formulated by the Board in 2007)