Small Group Fellowship

Circle Dinners:

The WUU Circle Dinners are groups of UU friends and acquaintances of all ages, single or married, who gather for small potlucks. Approximately one dinner is held each month and it is a great way to meet newcomers and old timers! Circles are organized each fall, but new members can be added at any time. Most circles meet together in each others’ homes for a potluck dinner, but each year one or two circles organize to meet in restaurants for lunch or dinner.The Circle Dinners Committee arranges the circles. The committee will ask one person to be the first host for their circle. From then on, the circle arranges the date, time, and place for the rest of the dinners. The dinners are designed so that they rotate between homes. Usually the host supplies the main dish and the other members the rest of the food and drink for the evening.  Circles stay together for the church year, but reorganize with new members each fall so everyone can meet more people.

Odyssey Group:

A gathering of seniors (folks with a little more millage) that meets the first Wednesday of each month in the Fahs House from 10am to Noon. All seniors are welcome!“Sing to me of the man, Muse, the man of twists and turns, driven time and again off course…” So begins Homer’s epic, The Odyssey.Each of us has experienced our own unique life of “twists and turns” from which we have gathered insights into ourselves and the world about us. With an eye on the future, we enjoy sharing our experiences on past journeys with one another, to our mutual benefit. Some of us may be sure of today, with a good grasp of the future; others may have questions and uncertainties. Together, we share our thoughts, concerns and enthusiasm on life on the road ahead. Join us for lively conversation on thoughtful and relevant topics. Our goal is meaningful fellowship and there is always room for you at our table for a cup of coffee or tea and a cookie or three. Come! No reservations needed. Contact: Lee Hougen;

Friday Night Family Fun Potluck:

This potluck dinner offers a relaxed, friendly time to meet and greet one another. Come for community, dinner, and fun for the whole family. 4th Friday of each month, 6:00pm, Sanctuary Hosted by the Membership Team and Leadership Team.

Men’s Breakfast Groups:

This informal gathering of men eat together every week.  There are two different groups:  West Side Thursday Mornings, 8:30am @ Southern Pancake House.   Mid-Town Monday Morning, 8:30am @ Honey Butters Kitchen.

The Gayle Henion Creative Arts Group:

The art group has been meeting for about seven years. Gayle Henion and Jennifer Ryu organized it soon after Jennifer arrived at WUU. It began, and remains, an affinity group for adults interested in any of the creative arts. Those involved bring whatever project they wish (painting, knitting, embroidery, digital art, paper crafts, writing, etc.) to work in a congenial atmosphere with folks who share an interest in the creative arts. Each Monday (except some holidays), 10:00am-12noon, Fahs House Co-Leaders: Donna Stanford and Grace McArdle