Nurture your spirit; help heal our world

IMAGINE a religion that embraces many different beliefs, including yours. Visitors and Newcomers are always welcome at WUU, and we invite you to join us for Sunday Services that are currently online only. You will find a warm and friendly congregation. People of all races, backgrounds, political orientation, walks of life, gender, and sexual orientations are embraced at WUU. In this nurturing environment, we seek personal spiritual growth while working to build a better world.

A call to recommit to racial justice work

Black Lives Matter

This Month’s Share the Plate Recipient

York-James City-Williamsburg Branch of the NAACP scholarships are presented annually to deserving minority graduates from area high schools. According to the scholarship application, “…the scholarship will be based on academic excellence, letters of recommendation, an essay, and participation in school activities, community service, and the NAACP Youth Council.”