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IMAGINE a religion that embraces many different beliefs, including yours. Visitors and Newcomers are always welcome at WUU. We invite you to join us for Sunday Services online at 10 am and to learn more about our gradual reopening. You will find a warm and friendly congregation. People of all races, backgrounds, political orientation, walks of life, gender, and sexual orientations are embraced at WUU. In this nurturing environment, we seek personal spiritual growth while working to build a better world.

A call to recommit to racial justice work

Black Lives Matter

This Month’s Share the Plate Recipients

The Greater Williamsburg Outreach Mission (GWOM) raises awareness, advocates, and develops plans to address the needs of the homeless and precariously housed. In addition to their motel meal programs, GWOM is preparing to pilot a mentoring program, Community of Care Network. CCN will recruit and train volunteers from 22 faith groups to mentor newly housed families and individuals who are no longer being actively case managed by city, county, and non-profit organizations.

RIP Medical Debt is a non-profit organization that buys debt at a significant discount so that families can be relieved of their medical debt burden. Every day 79,000,000 Americans choose between paying their medical bills and basic needs like food and shelter. 66% of all bankruptcies are tied to medical debt and more than 25% of credit card debt is medical-related. Every $100 donated relieves $10,000 in medical debt.