Mission and Objectives

WUU Lay Leadership Education Development Team
(Lay LED) Mission and Objectives 2012 – 2013


To recognize and develop religious leadership at all levels of congregational life and to facilitate participation in leadership training opportunities available in the wider Unitarian Universalist world.


Chair: Peter Mellette
Members: Dick Calver, Sally Fisk, Natalie Miller-Moore, Nan Piland


   1. To work with the Minister, Board and Leadership Team in assessing needs for leadership development in our congregation.
   2. To offer religious leadership education and development programs for all leaders and interested members at WUU and within the Tidewater Cluster.
   3. To offer online resources for guiding WUU and Cluster leaders in creating mission statements, annual goals and work plans,? job descriptions, program budgets, effective meetings, official records, recruitment plans, and norms for caring for self and volunteers.
   4. To promote leadership training opportunities in the larger UU community
   5.To communicate with the Board and Leadership Group on Lay LED Team goals and educational programs for religious leaders and participate in leadership meetings as appropriate.

New Members/Volunteers:
   6. To work with the Nominating Committee to identify knowledge and skills needed for open/vacant leadership positions.
   7. To work with Membership Committee on developing and presenting sessions for New Member Classes.
   8. To publicize importance of doing work of the church through the Spirals, Newsletters, and websites.
   9. To assist lay leaders in creatively recognizing volunteer contributions.