News & Communications

For the most recent posts, look at our featured news feeds: Social Justice News, LFD News, and Upcoming Events, which can be reached through the links under the “NEWS & COMMUNICATIONS” menu in the left-hand column.

WUUs share news and information in many ways, each with its own special function. These include

  • WUU website: is the best place to find both new announcements, records of all committees, and older archived information.
  • Daily Spiral: daily news feed of all posts to the WUU website; by RSS subscription or email subscription
  • Weekly Spiral: weekly news and short monthly calendar
  • Monthly Newsletter: services for the month, columns, and monthly news
  • WUU Announce: email distributions of Weekly Spiral, monthly Newsletter, and important announcements to all members and friends
  • WUU Talk: email discussion group, by subscription
  • WUU Facebook page: short announcements of current events/activities
  • WUU YouTube Channel: Videos of Sermons, Music, and more.
  • WUU Service Streaming Audio: complete service streamed LIVE (10 second delay) during the service only. This stream opens about 5 minutes before the service starts.

All of these media are created and maintained by the Communications Committee, which also publicizes the activities of the WUUs in the local newspapers. The committee may be contacted by emailing (in all email addresses always substitute @ for -at-).