Campus Improvement Team (CIT)

Vision: We will create a campus improvement program that is affordable, sustainable, welcoming, aesthetically pleasing, and in keeping with WUU principles and values. To the extent possible, each member and friend will offer financial support through the annual stewardship campaign and volunteer time to help us achieve this goal.  With this covenant, the CIT will adjust its priorities to achieve the best balance of resources and goals.

Responsibilities: Cleaning, painting, repairing, mowing, planting, installing, and caring of everything to see at WUU.  Currently, the janitorial and mowing responsibilities are contracted out.  The CIT chair reports to the minister and is a member of the WUU Leadership Team.

Committee Members (and primary responsibilities):

  • Chair—Dave Neiman
  • Grounds—Dave and Virginia Banks, Fred Bergmann, Dave Neiman
  • Gardens—Nancy Carnegie
  • Buildings—Jim Hall, Dave Neiman, Fred Bergmann, Joseph Mazzilli
  • Memorial Garden—Ruth Frasier, Nan Piland
  • Safety—Richard Thek

Though the committee members provide primary support for this huge responsibility, we count on members and friends to help maintain our campus.  We are an equal opportunity volunteer group and warmly welcome the work of volunteers!  Even our children who are members of the Navigators USA program help to maintain the Memorial Garden.

Notification regarding problems: Contact the Program Assistant (Ellyn Stephens) (220-6830) or Les Solomon (202-1909).